How to Use EXHALO Shield

EXHALO Shield is intended to manage patients exhaled gases. Find instructions for use below.

  1. Remove EXHALO Shield from packaging.
  2. Attach the port on the EXHALO Shield to suction tubing, set suction regulator to continuous suction and start between 90-100 mmHg for pediatrics and adults.
  3. Hook the two prongs on the EXHALO Shield to the metal nose clip of the mask.
  4. Single patient use; To be disposed of in the same manner as the mask which the device is used with. Should the device become soiled or damaged, discard and replace with a new one.

Caution / Attention

  • Suction level may be adjusted for required clinical need.
  • Administer oxygen therapy based on mask manufactures recommended guidelines.
  • EXHALO Shield is not a substitute for clinical staff wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment as per hospital policies.


  • Patients who cannot tolerate a face mask.

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