A Barrier Between Patients and Staff.
Manage Aerosol Release at the Source.

About EXHALO Shield

EXHALO Shield was designed to minimize the release of airborne contaminants and aerosol particles upon patient exhalation.

The EXHALO Shield does not affect oxygen delivery and is compatible with nebulizers, aerosol masks, simple masks and non-rebreather masks. The EXHALO Shield can be used with airborne or droplet-transmitted infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and is ideal for:

Occupational Health

Infection Control

Staff Safety

Watch Our Video

see the EXHALO Shield in use in comparison
to a standard nebulizer treatment

EXHALO Shield Highlights

One EXHALO Shield for multiple therapies. Works in collaboration with over 18 different oxygen/aerosol/tracheostomy mask configurations in both Adult and Pediatric patients.

Works with many brands of oxygen or aerosol masks that utilize a metal nose clip

Enhanced protection for patients and clinical staff

Fits onto adult and pediatric aerosol, oxygen and tracheostomy masks

Lightweight, transparent shell

When used in collaboration with hospital vacuum system, helps direct patient exhalation

Single patient use, latex and BPA-free



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