Product code: 420-1900   EXHALO Shield   50/case

EXHALO Shield was designed to minimize the release of airborne contaminants and aerosol particles upon patient exhalation.


Works with many brands of oxygen or aerosol masks that utilize a metal nose clip
Enhanced protection for patients and clinical staff
Fits onto Adult and Pediatric aerosol and oxygen masks
When used in collaboration with hospital vacuum system, helps direct patient exhalation
Single patient use, latex and BPA Free

EXHALO Shield use with Oxygen Therapy

Simple Mask

Non Rebreather Mask

Instructions for Use

  1. Attach the port on the EXHALO Shield to suction tubing, set suction regulator to continuous suction between 80-100 mmHg for Adults and Pediatrics
  2. Hook the two prongs on the EXHALO shield to the metal nose clip of the mask.
  3. Single patient use to be disposed of in the same manner as the mask which the device is used with. Should the device become soiled or damaged, discard and replace with a new one.

Caution / Attention:

  • Oxygen flow must be delivered when using EXHALO
  • EXHALO is not a substitute for clinical staff wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment as per hospital policies.


  • Patients who cannot tolerate a face mask

How does EXHALO compare with Current Therapy?

Adult Use

Current Therapy

EXHALO Solution

Pediatric Use

Current Therapy

EXHALO Solution

Video Of EXHALO Shield In Use

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